Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Arjit to take advantage of Shagun's jealousy against Ishita

Ishita is not ready to believe as Raman has died and everyone decides to hide the truth from Ishita.
Both Mani and Shagun stay at Bhalla house for Ishita but Mani’s extra care towards Ishita make Shagun jealous. Shagun suggests Mani take psychiatrist help for Ishita so that everyone would restart their life but Mani refuses for this. Shagun takes a drastic step calling advocate at Bhalla house and asks him to tell Raman’s will to Ishita.

Ishita is shocked knowing about Raman’s will but Mani handles the situation and scolds Shagun for her act. Shagun indirectly helps Arjit's evil mission against Ishita.
Shagun is jealous and upset with Mani which makes Arjit happy and he decides to take advantage of this situation.

Arjit indirectly provokes Shagun against Ishita so that he would start his mission of destroying Bhalla’s soon. Will Shagun turn puppet of Arjit’s hand?

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