Karan and Ruhi reached Arijit's house got lead about Raman

Karan and Ruhi make a master plan to create a fight with Yug and Aaliya. Karan and Ruhi want Arijit to get trapped in their master plan. Karan Ruhi’s plan works and Arijit offers them a new project against Yug. Further Karan and Ruhi calls for a celebration and invites Arijit too. But Arijit gets busy with Raman in inducing drug where Ruhi Karan reaches Arijit’s house to keep a check on him.

Ruhi Karan to walk away leaving Raman behind. Ruhi and Karan get to hear some strange noise from his room. Karan break opens the door but miss to see Raman lying on the floor. Will Ruhi and Karan walk away leaving Raman behind?

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