Anurag's wrong move brings Perena and Bajaj a bit closer

Another major twist is all set to come when Bajaj gets to know about Prerna's kidnapping is done by Anurag. Bajaj goes bald to bold to settle scores with Anurag who has suddenly out of the blue kidnapped Prerna. However, Anurag rushes Prerna to Doctor after she faints in the washroom, but Mr. Bajaj misunderstand the situation thinking Anurag kidnapped Prerna. In the meanwhile, after Prerna gets medical treatment, Anurag tries to get close to her that this leaves Prerna furious when she gains conscious.

Prerna develops hate for Anurag. Anurag’s selfish and molesting step will develop hate in Prerna’s heart for him. Angry Prerna will slap Anurag and will rush outwards where Mr. Bajaj will come for her rescue. Let see if Anurag could win back Prerna or his plans will ultimately make Prerna accept Bajaj completely.

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