Bajaj's deadly warning to Anurag after seeing Prerna condition

Anurag and Mr. Bajaj will have a drastic face-off. Earlier seen how Anurag challenges to ruin Mr.Bajaj and snatch back Prerna. Therefore, Anurag gets in action and runs away with Prerna while Mr. Bajaj sees everything and gets furious, seeing Prerna unconscious.

Bajaj gets incensed angry after seeing Anurag's runaway taking Prerna that he swears to kill Anurag. Angry Bajaj confronts Nivedita and Anupam and inquires about Anurag while finding no clue, he warns to kill Anurag. The twist in the tale is that Anurag runs away with Prerna because Prerna suddenly falls sick and unconscious. What will happen next in the show? Will Anurag be able to protect Prerna? What will Bajaj do to find Anurag and Prerna?

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