Karan, Yug,Ruhi and Aaliya teamed up to free Ishita from Arijit

It was earlier seen that Arijit has kept both Raman and Ishita in a drugged state. Ishita gets betrayed by her own helpless friend Dr. Sunita as her daughter is in Arijit’s captivity too. On the other side, Karan suspects a foul play as he witnesses Ishita’s phone with Arijit. Karan Yug Ruhi and Aaliya get Ishita back home.

Karan thus teams up with Ruhi Yug Aaliya and decides to find more about Arijit. Soon they will come to know that Ishita is not in a mental asylum and is held captive somewhere else. Four of them will free Ishita and get her back home. Will Ishita and others come to know about Arijit being the real mastermind?

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