Lovely's plan works, Angry Kulfi calls Sikandar a murderer

Kulfi decides to stay with Sikandar even after Mahendra and Gunjan adopted her. However, now it seems that the situations will turn Kulfi’s love for Sikandar into intense hate. Kulfi has learned the shocking truth of her mother’s death, where Lovely hit Nimrat with her car. Meanwhile, before the little girl could overcome this accident trauma. She faces another shocker that Sikandar is well aware of this truth and still hiding Lovely’s crime.

Kulfi will breakdown in trauma learning how Sikandar first cheated on her mother Nimrat and then abandoned her daughter. Kulfi will now confront Sikandar where angry Kulfi will vent out her graved anger on him. Kulfi will also tag Sikandar, a ruthless murderer who supported Lovely in her crime. What will Sikandar do? How Kulfi and Sikandar’s this relation will be back on track?

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