Bajaj and Prerna’s romantic lunch date, Anurag becoming mad for revenge

Anurag will face another shock in Zurich when he finds Prerna and Mr. Bajaj together on a lunch date. Anurag and Prerna have a drastic confrontation when Anurag questions Prerna’s love. Moreover, Anurag angrily slaps Prerna, which leaves Prerna wholly devastated. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj takes Prerna on lunch date where shockingly Anurag also reaches.

Anurag is unable to believe Prerna’s betrayal and how Prerna confessed her love for Mr. Bajaj. However, when he sees Mr. Bajaj and Prerna together having a lunch date in a restaurant. Anurag gets furious that his hate for Prerna intensifies more. Will Anurag ever learn Prerna’s innocence?

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