Vikram's plan to destroy Sikander by using Kulfi and Mahendra

Kulfi is angry with her father because of his mistakes and now she is completely broken down with the truth of how Sikandar hides Loely’s murderer truth. Meanwhile, here Vikram plans his next conspiracy to use Kulfi and destroy Sikandar. Vikram is playing a filthy game with Kulfi where he is fooling around Mahendra. Where Mahendra wants to make Kulfi a superstar, he takes Vikram’s help unaware of his evil intentions.

Further, in the coming episodes, Vikram will once again involve Kulfi in bad situations where she will be ashamed. Eventually, Vikram wants to target Sikandar’s fame in the Music Industry, which he wants to destroy using Kulfi. Will Vikram succeed in his motives or Kulfi will learn his evil intentions?

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