Mahendra final step to separate Sikandar-Kulfi forever

Sikandar has bend before Amyra's dirty game and broke his ties with Kulfi. Sikandar's betrayal to Kulfi angers Mahendra to such hell that he takes an extreme step and officially announces to adopt Kulfi. Moreover, Mahendra also refuses to make Kulfi as Amyra's music partner but decides to make Kulfi a superstar alone. Mahendra and Gunjan thus decide to leave Sikandar's house with Kulfi.

Mahendra will finally separate Sikandar and Kulfi while he will also prove Sikandar the worst father of the world. Mahendra and Gunjan will leave the house with Kulfi. But will Sikandar accept Kulfi and stop her back? Will Mahendra's step make Sikandar regret his decision of choosing Amyra and abandoning real daughter Kulfi?

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