Anurag's warning brings Prerna and Bajaj a bit closer

Prerna and Bajaj is now moving to their honeymoon plan in Switzerland but seems like anurag is not going to like this at all. Anurag will follow them to take revenge on Prerna for cheating on his love.  The new promo of KZK 2 is released where Anurag reaches Switzerland and confronts Prerna.  Angry young man Anurag grabs Prerna and gives deadly warning to her. And there Mr Bajaj witnesses the whole scene.

Angry Bajaj will swear to ruin Anurag after how Anurag dared to threat Prerna. While Prerna is stuck in deep trauma with Anurag's hatred. Let see how Mr Bajaj will now turn protective husband to Prerna after Anurag's warning.

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