Prerna kidnapped in Switzerland Anurag and Bajaj turns savior

Prerna is worried for Anurag’s state but has no option as she did all this to save Anurag’s life. Now Bajaj and Prerna will head to Switzerland for a honeymoon. Prerna left with no other option heads to Switzerland with Bajaj. Anurag too follows the duo to unfold the reality behind the big cheat.

Bajaj catches Ronit real culprit behind Prerna’s kidnapping. To Anurag and Bajaj’s shock, Prerna gets kidnapped as soon as she steps in Switzerland. Bajaj starts believing that Anurag is the real kidnapper but Ronit is the real culprit. Anyway, Bajaj will turn Prerna’s savior this not Anurag but the duo will definitely have a tug of war for their love.

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