Bajaj's emotional drama to make Prerna against Anurag

As we've seen earlier, Mr. Bajaj marries Prerna while Prerna wonders of the reason behind this marriage. The time has come when Prerna will find that Mr. Bajaj married her for his daughter Sneha. However, alongside this, Mr. Bajaj will do his emotional drama to make Prerna accept this responsibility.

Moving forward, Prerna will find herself in a big dilemma to either choose Bajaj responsibility or Anurag's love. Mr. Bajaj will convince Prerna revealing how Sneha needs a mother's love and only Prerna can give her because Sneha never became so friendly with anyone, like she is with Prerna. Let see what new twists and turns will come in the storyline with this emotional confrontation amid Mr. Bajaj and Prerna.

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