Ishita is in home all thanks to Karan Yug and Ruhi Aaliya

We've seen in previous episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Arijit had kept Ishita captive and drugged her so that she does not gain consciousness. However, Karan Yug Ruhi Aaliya makes back to back master plan where they finally reach Ishita. Karan Ruhi Aaliya Yug brings Ishita back home and heaves a sigh of relief. 

Karan Ruhi Aaliya Yug tries to know more about kidnapper from Ishita. Karan Ruhi Aaliya Yug questions Ishita and tries to find out more on who the kidnapper was and what his motive was. Entire family fails to get any news from Ishita as she was unconscious all the while.Ishita gets worried for Raman seeing the torture she faces.

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