Prerna slaps Shivi for unfolding Bajaj and Prerna's marriage secret

Bajaj and Prerna's marriage has left Anurag devastated that he still strives to get Prerna back. However, nothing comes in his favor instead he meets with an accident with Bajaj's car. Heartbroken with the accident news, Prerna rushes Anurag to the hospital where Shivi confronts Prerna badmouthing her.

Prerna will slap Shivi when Shivi will question Prerna if she wants to torture Anurag until he die.
Prerna and Shivi's major confrontation unfolds the secret of Bajaj and Prerna's marriage to Shivi.

Shivi will be realizing Prerna's love for Anurag still alive. Although Anurag is fighting amid life and death, Let see how Prerna's love will make Anurag survive from this deadly condition.

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