Anurag questions Prerna's pregnancy, Prerna to share the truth

Anurag is shocked as Prerna gets ill and she feels like vomiting and other symptoms of pregnancy.
 Anurag thus takes care of her and asks her about her illness, Anurag questions about her pregnancy. Prerna couldn't tell anything, Anurag asks Prerna about the name of the father of this baby. Prerna wants to tell Anurag that he is the father of this baby but she couldn't say it and thus avoids Anurag's question.

When Anurag questions about her pregnancy she at first wants to share the truth. Because Anurag was curious to know about Prerna's pregnancy and who is the father of the baby. Will Anurag be able to reach the truth that Prerna is pregnant with him. Or Will Prerna share the truth to him, to make him feel the best feeling of going to be a father.

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