Komolika stab Prerna's womb, Will anurag save Prerna

It was earlier seen that Komolika gets mad to kill Prerna and the baby. More than Prerna, Komolika wants the unborn to die who is connecting link with Anurag. Komolika thus takes nurse disguise and enters Prerna’s ward. Here Komolika tries her best to play with Prerna’s emotions and attack Prerna’s womb.

Anurag comes in the room where Komolika had to hide. Anurag unaware of Komolika’s danger on Prerna. Shockingly, Anurag walks away leaving Prerna behind in danger being unaware of Komolika’s presence. After Anurag exits the room, Komolika stabs Prerna’s womb. Will Prerna lose her baby this time or some miracle waits further?

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