Moloy's plan to expose Komolika's evil face

Kasauti Zindagi Kay is showing some major twists and turns in the show. As per the current storyline, Anurag rescues Prerna and brings her back to Basu mansion. Meanwhile, Anurag also caught Jagga to expose the real mastermind behind Prerna's kidnapping. Komolika drugs Anurag again and thus turns to kill Jagga. Interestingly the twist in the tale is that when Komolika puts a knife at Jagga's neck and badly threatens to kill him, Moloy witnesses the entire scenario.

Moloy is shell shocked seeing how Komolika is threatening Jagga. Komolika's payback time has begun and Moloy has learned about how Komolika betrayed his family in disguise of Sonalika. 
This is going to be more interesting to watch how Moloy will expose Komolika and how Anurag will recall his memory.

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