Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Simmi coming to Rinki and Mihir’s house to sort out things. Raman talks to Manoj about Shagun. Raman gets glad knowing Shagun is pregnant and asks can I tell this to Ishita. Manoj says we have to wait or 6 weeks. Raman says fine, I will confirm this and tell her, I don’t know how to react, Rinki left and this baby is coming, can I meet Shagun. Manoj says yes, come and talk to her, she is worried for Mihir. Raman says I will come. Simmi sees Raman crying and asks what happened. Raman says sometimes happiness and sorrows come together. She asks what. He says there is a good news. She says tell me. He says I will say when time comes, take the belongings home, I will end meeting and come. She wonders whats the good news.

Ishita comes home and calls Raman. She says why is he disconnecting the call. She asks Neelu where did Raman go, at Rinki’s house. Neelu says yes. Ishita says I will tell Raman about Shagun’s pregnancy. Shagun gets angry and talks to Manoj about Mihir. She says she needs a lawyer, Mihir is innocent. Manoj says wait, stress is not good for you. Raman comes and asks her to relax. She scolds him for putting Mihir in jail. He says police got proof. She says you know Mihir, do you feel Mihir can do this, how can you think so.

Raman says I don’t know what can anyone do, I just know you promised me you will take care of baby. She says shall I think of Ishita’s baby or my brother. Raman cries and says I lost my baby, then Rinki, and this is the last hope, about whom shall I think. She says Mihir is innocent. Raman asks is Mihir just your brother, he is more than brother to me, I beg you, please bring this baby in this world, I m selfish please, give me this child. She says I may sound selfish, but free Mihir, I know he is innocent, he can’t kill anyone. Manoj asks her to calm down.

Simmi comes home with Rinki’s belongings. Ishita asks about Raman. Simmi says Raman got some urgent call, so he left, I want to talk about Raman, I think after Rinki died, Raman is not able to cope up, he is taking weird, take care of him. Ishita says we all are with him. She shares about Shagun’s pregnancy. Simmi asks what. Ishita says Manoj was present there. Simmi recalls Raman’s words. Ishita asks what is she thinking. Simmi says I forgot Rinki and Mihir’s wedding album, I will just go and come.

She comes out and says was Raman talking about Shagun, did he go to meet her, why did he lie to me, I have to find out. Simmi comes to Shagun’s house by getting address from hospital. She sees Raman’s car and then hides seeing Raman. Raman leaves.

Mihika gives coffee to Appa and says she invited Abhishek for dinner, she argued with him in police station. Appa says its okay. She gets a call and says I will come. She tells Appa that lawyer called me for meeting about Mihir’s case. Appa asks about Abhishek. She says I will just go and come, I made the dinner, you be with him. Abhishek comes with a bouquet and says he will clear all misunderstandings today. Appa welcomes him and says Mihika went to meet lawyer, she will come. They sit watching tv. Abhishek waits for Mihika and sees time.

Ishita asks Neelu to make chicken. Simmi comes home and takes Ishita away. She says Raman is meeting Shagun, I don’t like this, why don’t you talk to Raman. Shagun has created many problems, I have seen Raman there. Ishita says maybe you have seen someone else. Simmi says I have seen Raman under her building and talking on phone with Shagun asking her to take care. She says why did Raman lie. Ishita recalls Raman lying and singing song for Shagun. Simmi says I just want you to clarify everything with Raman. Ishita says Raman won’t do anything wrong, don’t worry.
Abhishek comes in the compound. Abhishek says Mihika should have called me and said she can’t reach soon, I m idiot to wait here, girls should not be given much importance.

Bala hears him and says you are right, men are donkeys, I realized this the next day of my marriage, I got sure now, Vandu went for some conference with Shitija, I did all arrangements to welcome her, she called and said her trip extended for 4 days, she should have asked me once. Abhishek says yes, we should make friends on online dating apps. Bala says its good for bachelors, not for married men. Abhishek says no, dating means friendship in india, go online, download app, make profile and chat with girls, when Vandu and Mihika know this, they will realize what they did.

Mrs. Bhalla takes care of Rohit. Raman comes home and says he got icecream for everyone. Simmi asks Ishita to go and ask Raman. Ishita asks anything special today. Raman says he thought to change environment. She asks about his day. He says he was in office all day, he had back to back meetings and goes to change. Ishita and Simmi worry. Ishita says I told you saw someone else. Simmi says I have seen Raman, why did he lie to you. Ishita gets teary eyed and thinks she knows when Raman lies to her, but why is he lying after meeting Shagun, whats happening.

Ishita and Simmi talk about Shagun. Ishita says maybe Raman went to see Shagun casually, and I think its Manoj’s baby. Simmi asks her to talk to Raman once.

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