Oh! My God Shagun is Still Alive in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

While many viewers were excited, witnessing the spooky twist introduced in the current track of ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ where Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is possessed by the evil soul of Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Quite a few viewers were disappointed and unhappy with the show drifting away from its original track. The sweet love story of Raman and Ishita soon turned into an unpredictable horror story!

The overblown possession track will soon come to an end. Yes! The coming episodes will unravel a big revelation and a shocking confrontation bringing an end to this inflated sequence.

With regard to the latest Karwa Chauth track, where possessed Ishita breaks her fast by eating non-veg food… Soon after the rituals end, new drama will make waves in the Bhalla house, when Raman would go to the storeroom and Ishita will try to harm him for not calling her by the name ‘Shagun’.

The drama never ends, ha?? Let’s see what happen next-

After the situation gets settled back at the Bhalla house, the power will go off. Ishita would go to get candles but her phone will start ringing.. And guess who would becalling???! Ishita will get a call from Shagun’s mobile! The family will get shocked, seeing Shagun’s name flashing on the screen, leaving everyone wonder-How can Shagun call, when she is dead?!

Besides the other family members, one person who will be the most uptight, will be Sarika. The reason behind her being tensed will be that Shagun was well aware about Sarika’s hidden truth, that Ashok had told her before her death.

As the twists and suspense refuse to cease on the show, we wonder whether Shagun is still alive? Is Ishita faking about the whole possession drama? Are Ishita and Shagun cooking up something secretively, to trap Sarika?

Or was it someone else calling Ishita from Shagun’s mobile phone? We did hear about the speculated rumour- Shagun’s twin sister soon entering the show. What exactly happens next on the show, only the coming episodes can unfold!

Till then keep reading this space.

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