Raman ko Mili ek aur Dhamki Kya ab Bacehgi Ishita? | Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  Kidnapper calls Raman and treatens him that if he will call police then he will kill Ishita .

In the upcoming episode, Raman and everyone are worried for Ishita as she has not returned home from 24 hours.Raman gets panic as he is not able to understand that what he should do and how he should find Ishita.

Raman tries to call Ishita but her phone is switched off then he tries to call police but he is not able to contact them. Raman gets angry and Mr.Bhalla asks him to calm down, he says that may be due to rain you are not able to contact them.

Raman gets a call from kidnapper and he says that if you want to see your wife alive then doesn’t even think about calling police else he will kill Ishita. Raman says that he will not call police but don’t do anything to Ishita.

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