Very Very Shocking Twist in Ishqbaaaz

Ishqbaaz: Anika meets Shivaay in the market and sees Mahi dancing in the slum

Ishqbaaz starts with Kamini falling in the lap of Mahi. The lady tells him to go away from here. Kamini tells Mahi  that he is a useless son and that is why she has come to such a situation where they cannot pay rent. She tells the woman she will pay double the rent and begs her to let her stay there.

 Mahi says don’t you dare touch my mom. One of the men says Kamini is a woman of low character. Mahi gets incensed. He tells Kamini that they should move from here. A guy says we have lineage but you are an illegitimate son without any ancestry.

Mahi (Nakuul Mehta) beats up the guys. Kamini  (Amrapali Gupta) tells him to stop. He is about to throw a TV on him but Kamini stops him with a slap. She blames him and says if I wish you were dead when you were born.

Mahi feels hurt and puts his face in a bucket of cold water. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) yells at Khanna saying how come he does not know where Shivaay is? She tells him to get the driver. The driver says SSO went to a chawl called Good Luck.

Anika says take me there. Mahi (Nakuul Mehta) is dancing on Gandi Baat with a girl and Anika sees this and is shocked. There, a hand is on her shoulder. She sees it is real Shivaay. She asks him if he is okay. She says so much happened in your absence. Shivaay hugs her. At home,

Kamini is feeding Ranveer. She thanks him for the help in saving their home. Ranveer (Ayush Anand) asks Mahi how did he get hurt? Kamini says I curse the time he was born and he is harassing me non-stop.

Ranveer tells him to eat but he says he has eaten. Ranveer says he knows he is hungry and tells him to eat. He says learn to control yourself. Mahi says I cannot bear to hear the word illegitimate. Kamini  (Amrapali Gupta) tells him to leave the house as she hates the sight of him. Mahi recollects his childhood when he beat up the landlady who called him illegitimate. He recollects all of Kamini’s harsh words.

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