Dadi To Be Involved In The Kayani Mills Fire Tragedy in Starplus show Ishqbaaz

In Star plus show Ishqbaaz another turning point is coming in story line of the show – The 25 year old fire tragedy at Kalyani Mills and the secrets buried with it.

Things have definitely spiced up with the new set of troubles coming and Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandana) have taken it upon themselves to solve the mystery and save the family from any impending doom. The older Oberoi’s is definitely hiding something and things are getting more tangled with each passing day.

Shivaay has been digging in the secret that cradles in the heart of Kalyani Mills secret but has had no luck so far. But soon he will come across a report that shows Dadi’s admittance to a hospital on the night of the tragic incident. After digging further Shivaay learns that his Dadi Kalyani Oberoi was never admitted to the hospital which confuses him more and therefore he decides to confront Dadi about the whole thing.

Shivaay reveals that he is being black-mailed regarding the Kalyani Mills incident and asks her the truth about it. If sources are to be believed Dadi will soon reveal the secret behind the tragedy and that it was Shivaay’s Dadaji who was behind the whole incident.

To see how this sequence unfolds on TV stay tuned and keep watching Ishqbaaz only on Star Plus.
Ishqbaaz: Dadi To Be Involved In The Kayani Mills Fire Tragedy ?

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