Prithviraj Singh Oberoi Ugly Past Revealed In Front Of all in Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

The current storyline of Star plus Ishqbaaz is totally revolving around Kalyani Mills.Fire tragedy in Kalyani Mills 25 years ago have spiced up the story along with welcoming new trouble for Oberoi’s.
Shivaay is digging Kalyani Mills secret but his all effort goes in vain.

At The Same Time Shivaay learns from Kalyani Mills report that Dadi was admitted to the hospital.
After investigation Shivaay learns that Dadi Kalyani was never admitted to hospital and the report at Kalyani Mills is also fake.Shivaay consequently confronts Dadi and reveals entire truth that how someone is blackmailing their family over Kalyani Mills secret.

Dadi will soon reveal entire truth in the coming track…Dadi will reveal to Shivaay and Oberoi’s that Prithviraj Singh Oberoi was behind this tragedy.Dadi will unfold entire secret that how Shivaay’s grandfather’s one mistake trapped fire in Kalyani after this tragedy only Kalyani Mills was named on dadi’s name…Lets’ see how Dadi will reveal truth to Shivaay and how Shivaay will save his family.

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