Mohini orders Prerna to wipe off Sindoor & break Mangalsutra

Mohini seems too angry with Prerna this time, as she finds her in Hospital, she ordered her to leave from there and leave from their life too. It was earlier seen that Prerna rushes to meet Moloy in hospital but the doctor does not permit her to meet Moloy as per Anurag’s orders. Further after everything gets sorted Prerna rushes to meet Moloy but Mohini stops her. Prerna requests Mohini to allow her to meet Moloy, where Mohini agrees to Prerna with one condition.

Prerna in shock to obey Mohini. Mohini asks Prerna to wipe off her Sindoor and break the Mangalsutra. Prerna gets shocked hearing this from Mohini. Will Prerna obey Mohini to meet Moloy?

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